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Learn the stories of the producers behind the fair range.


ManduviráDark Block Chocolate

The region where I live in north-east Paraguay is called Arroyos y Esteros, which means “salt marshes and creeks”. Most of the families here have little land: only one to five hectares.

We grow mainly sugar cane, but also some pineapple and stevia, a sweetener. We have switched to organic farming because there is a high demand for organic cane sugar. Our cooperative Manduvirá has worked hard to be able to export cane sugar to the fair-trade market. And it’s tastier!

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Jose - Milk Block Choc and Milk Block Choc with Coffee NibsMilk Block Choc and Milk Block Choc with Coffee Nibs

My name is José and I belong to Conacado, a cocoa cooperative with more than ten thousand members.

The humid, tropical climate makes the Dominican Republic an ideal place to grow cocoa. But the island is often affected by hurricanes that can destroy our houses and cocoa fields. We would find it very hard to recover from such disasters without the support of the cooperative and the fair-trade premium.

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