Oxfam fair Coffee Cake

Oxfam fair Coffee CakeBy Anna Gare

Anna Gare has been cooking since she was old enough to reach a benchtop. She also discovered coffee at a very young age, having learned to sneak a sip from her mum’s cup when she wasn’t looking.

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Oxfam fair Pedro Ximinez Tiramisu

Oxfam fair Pedro Ximinez TiramisuBy Andrew Blake

“As a chef I taste a lot of coffee. It pains me to know that so much of it is grown in unfair working conditions – I am thrilled that now there is an option to buy a coffee that compromises neither its quality of taste nor the quality of life of its growers.”

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Oxfam fair Chocolate Mousse with Cornflake Crisps

Oxfam fair Chocolate Mousse with Cornflake CrispsBy Ben O’Donoghue

“Oxfam’s fairtrade coffee is a fair brew in every sense. Oxfam uses 100 per cent organic Arabica beans that are roasted and packed here in Australia. The range varies in strengths and intensities with the World and African blends offering the most robust yet smooth flavours.”

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Oxfam fair Chocolate Muffin with Dried Cherries

Oxfam fair Chocolate Muffin with Dried CherriesBy Simon Bryant

“I had the tough job of ‘testing’ as much product as I could bear for three days and for my level of cooking and “chocolate ability” I have to say there is plenty of product that well exceeds my benchmark level of required quality. Oxfams Premium organic dark 70 per cent is a total value for money pick and cooks up nicely.”
Oxfam fair taster

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Oxfam fair Coffee Bread

Oxfam fair Coffee BreadBy Simon Bryant

“I have tried to run fair trade coffee in my restaurants for years and have sometimes been a little underwhelmed by the results in the past. After trying a couple of Oxfam fair trade blends, I am finally relieved to say that there is a product that you don’t just buy with your heart and head but with your taste buds as well… it is up there with some of the better tasting beans around. It’s organic to boot and the price is competitive so Oxfam are pretty much ticking all the right boxes. I am surprised to say that my pick of the blends is East Timor, I usually lean towards more robust blends for my espresso but this is such a well-balanced blend with a slightly sweet aftertaste, love it! My macchiato’s will be leaving a less bitter social impact from now on, I am converted.”

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