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When women take control of their own lives, the whole family benefits. This has often been proven. My name is Georgina, and along with 45,000 other cocoa farmers I belong to the Ghanaian cocoa cooperative Kuapa Kokoo.

Kuapa Kokoo gets a good price for our cocoa, especially when it manages to sell to fair-trade organisations. Farmers do use the weighing scales at Kuapa Kokoo, which is unusual in Ghana. Brokers often fiddle with the scales to cheat the farmers.

Kuapa Kokoo is the only Ghanaian cocoa producers’ organisation that is in the hands of the farmers themselves. The fair-trade premium goes into a fund which is used for all kinds of projects. For instance, we now have a water pump in our village. Clean drinking water at last! And there’s a mobile clinic: doctors and nurses come at set times to give farmers medical examinations and to explain about health matters.