Afi - Hazelnut Chocolate SpreadHazelnut Chocolate Spread

In our language ‘Kuapa Kokoo’ means ‘good cocoa farmer’. That’s what I want to be!

We, the 45,000 Ghanaian cocoa farmers who belong to the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative, are much stronger together than we would be alone. This is because an organisation like this can get a good price for our cocoa, and can make sure that we are not duped on price or weight.

The cooperative doesn’t just help us with prices: the impact of climate change is another important topic. We learn how planting shade trees helps improve the biodiversity of our region and prevents the soil drying out. We have used the fair-trade premium to build toilets for our community. Some villages now have small primary or secondary schools so that children don’t have to walk so far. And Kuapa Kokoo has also arranged training in skills like making soap and batik fabric to help women increase their income outside the cocoa season.